Samantha Wilkinson the art of movement



“Movement is a complex and fascinating subject, from a cellular level to the act of
sitting and standing. It not only encompasses the physical but also the emotional.”

Samantha Wilkinson


We sat with Sam Wilkinson to learn how body movement can make us happier, healthier and more content.

Samantha Wilkinson

Director of The Movement Base. Sports/Remedial Massage Therapist. STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor

Sam’s career started as a professional dancer touring both nationally and internationally performing contemporary repertoire, with renowned dance companies such as The Richards Alston Dance company and Rambert Dance Company. Sam has taught extensively at various dance colleges/institutions and have always held an interest in anatomy and how the body moves.

Sam Wilkinson first started The Massage Base in 2003 with a passion to help people reduce pain, move better and feel better. 

Having been a professional dancer for most of my younger years and then focusing on the
intricacies of Pilates, Sports Massage and Meditation I am acutely aware that movement is
everything. Often the most fascinating thing is watching the areas that people have ‘stopped’
moving into.

Movement is a complex and fascinating subject, from a cellular level to the act of
sitting and standing. It not only encompasses the physical but also the emotional.


How often do you feel ‘tight’ when you are angry or upset?

How long do you ‘hold’ on to anger?

All of these emotions are intertwined with the delicate balance of movement.  Over the years I have seen clients come to me with restrictions spanning back many years, maybe work related, past injury, repetitive restrictive patterns, or emotional trauma manifesting as physical unease, but what is beautiful is watching the unravelling of these restrictions. Not only seeing the change in the physical appearance and quality of the movement but also seeing the
change in the person. A new confidence, freedom, ease, lighter and ultimately happier.

Movement is also expression, the ability to let go and ‘allow’ your inner creativity, we can often feel stuck in our minds because we are not allowing ourselves to move, we’ve become closed and restricted when maybe all we need is a walk or a good dance!

Over time and generations we have become more sedentary and lost the connection between our mind and body, but movement is health and we can not disconnect the two.

Movement is to be enjoyed at a deeper level, understanding and finding intrigue in your body and its complexities. Not only an awareness in the physical movement but also the movement of your
emotions and how they in turn affect the body.

Notice how you ‘really’ feel.

Just noticing and being aware can have a profound shift in your
health and wellbeing. Shinning an inner light on what’s really going on can be the catalyst to restore and regenerate. Discovering yourself again and realising that you are capable of far more
than you originally thought.

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