About FOM London fighting pollution




Sustainability has many aspects.

As innovators in the field of anti pollution skincare and green lifestyle FOM London strives to develop products that are safe for skin and have positive environmental impact.


The composition of ingredients in our formulations are skin and environmentally friendly.

They are natural and organic where possible.

We only use plant extracts. We must preserve our skincare products that contain water and our preservative is paraben free.

FOM London skincare products


We choose our packaging materials with environmental impact in mind so they are recyclable , reusable where possible.

We use glass bottles for our products that are fully recyclable and reusable.

We use cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable.

We use metal caps and pumps for dispensing our products. The pumps have a tiny bit of plastic that is used to deliver the product through the pump which can be recycled as plastic .


FOM London has been expertly handcrafting anti pollution products in the UK.   We are involved in every step of the production journey from the handling of raw materials to delivery of our freshly prepared products. 

We operate a “no waste” policy as we run a limited batch made to order, productions which mean that we have no waste as we only manufacture the number we can sell. There is no oversupply of our products and our products do not sit on shelves collecting dust.

Our batches are small, freshly made and limited in quantity to prevent waste and pollution.

mums garden reed diffuser


Give our bottles a repurpose.

Once you have used the product you can easily remove the label and wash the bottles with soap and water. 

You can use them for reed diffusers, as a flower vase, your own body oil, room and pillow spray.