Skin Care Tips For A Balanced Face

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Skin Care Tips For A Balanced Face

Every woman knows that our skin behaves differently in each season and it is dictated by our hormones. Sometimes it feels dry and cold, sometimes hot and oily and sometimes dull and spotty. You need to know your skin and change your skincare routine accordingly. Here are some of Zaga’s suggestions that I am sure you will agree with.

You feel hot

Guess what chances are going to get sweaty. All this extra moisture in the air can be great for plumping your skin, but it can also mean your skin needs to be cleansed to wash away any sweat and balanced to keep your pores clear. Cleanse your skin with a hydrating cream and avoid sulphates based cleansers. After cleansing follow with an essence to even up skin tone

You feel cold but it is not snowing outside

You need to add moisture to your skin. Our Antioxidant Repair Oil Complex will get moisture back to your face and restore a healthy glow.  Because it is absorbed quickly, your skin will feel immediately nourished.

Your skin looks and feels dull

Change your night facial skincare routine and introduce Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment to give you a radiant and clear complexion when you wake up in the morning.

Add these simple products into your skincare regiment and take care of yourself

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