For those that do not know Zaga is a founder of FOM London – an award-winning anti-pollution skincare brand created in UK. She started FOM London in an attempt to regain her own skin health. Zaga’s spent over 10 years working in environmental risk management and she saw and learnt a great deal about harmful effects of pollution.

What is anti-pollution skincare product?

Anti-pollution skincare product is a product specifically designed to protect and repair skin from damage caused by the harmful effects of pollution.

What does pollution do to skin?

1. Pollution dries and dehydrates your skin

Pollution particles can be up to 20 times smaller than human pores, making it very easy to enter pores. Cleansing is the first step towards pollution free skincare. We have created a super easy to use a cleanser and makeup remover, 2in1 so you can get rid of pollution and makeup at the same time. No need for cloth – all you need is clean fingers to massage the cleansing cream onto your face and remove makeup even stubborn mascara.

Anti-pollution skincare

  1. Pollution accelerates your natural ageing process

This means that you look older than your age. It is all to do with free radial damage that can lead to tissue damage and as a result, you get wrinkles, loss of elasticity. You need to have a product that helps repair that damage and also protect skin from future damages i.e. your skin becomes resilient and able to deal with pollution on a daily basis.




  1. Pollution causes Age Spots and hyperpigmentation

Recent studies suggest a link between a number of airborne pollution particles and the skin ageing i.e. age spots. If you have pigments on your cheeks, or your forehead sadly it is pollution induced as per recent studies conducted in Germany.  But don’t despair there is a solution for it in a form of a serum that you need to apply at night.


So what can we do to prevent skin damage?

You need to use specialist anti-pollution facial skincare products with a unique science behind that works to stop pollution entering the pores and the product that acts as a skin barrier on the skin without clogging the pores i.e. allowing skin to breathe and without toxic unnecessary chemicals in formulations. Sadly if you do not protect the skin with the thin layer of protection you are risking skin damage from pollution which will result in dry, dull skin, ageing skin and you will look older.

Finally why is FOM London skincare collection different?

We are first anti-pollution skincare brand in the world to address pollution induced skin ageing in an award-winning ANTIOXSILKtm technology. The mechanism behind this unique science that is only available to FOM London is to not only protect the skin but to also repair skin damages caused by the harmful effects of pollution.

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