Are your products gluten – free?

All our products are gluten free with the exception of Hydra Bright Night Treatment due to inclusion of lactic acid that has wonderful hydrating and smoothing anti-ageing benefits.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, our skincare products are completely safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. We do use a very small quantity of pure cosmetic grade essential oils in some of our products.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our products are formulated for all skin types including sensitive. Many of our products are totally fragrance free.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have been tested for a shelf life of one year unopened and 6 months opened.

How long will it take to use one product?

This varies from person to person. Our 50ml cream will last 3 months with a daily use.

What makes FOM London skincare different from other skincare lines?

We are inventors and creators of the first anti pollution complex that free your skin from pollutants.

Do you have products with SPF?

No, we do not currently have any products with SPF but it is our plan for the future.

Are your products 100% natural?
Yes, we use 100% natural ingredients in our formulas that are of plant origin.

Does FOM London Skincare use parabens and silicones?

No, we do not use parabens and silicones and we have a strong 7 TOXIC Free policy.

Are your products made in the UK

Yes, absolutely. All our products are made here on the UK soil.

Are your products tested on animals?

Our products are never tested on animals. In fact animal testing is prohibited under the Cosmetic Legislation.


Do you offer free delivery?

We offer worldwide free standard delivery on all orders regardless of the amount spend.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched you will be notified by email.

I have changed my mind. Can I return the products to you?

Yes, sure. We will need you to notify us within 14 days of making your purchase. We will send you a form to fill in and attach it to your parcel. Sadly we do not offer free return delivery so this is something you will need to bear. For further details please refer to our Return and Exchange policy.

Do you deliver to PO BOX address?

Sadly, we will do not deliver to PO Box?

What should I do if I am having trouble placing an order?

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with online orders placed on our website, please contact us by either sending us an email to or telephoning us on +44 (0) 2