Why We Use Glass in Our Skincare Packaging?

Glass Packaging for skincare

Plastics is polluting our waters According to Greenspace UK Organisation it is estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic including plastic bottles and bags to microbeads end up in our oceans each year. That’s a truck load of rubbish per minute. Why glass? Since creating FOM London we have always used glass. We know it is […]

Should You Be Worried About Air Pollution?

The answer is: yes, you should. I do not think that many people fully understand or appreciate the harmful effects of air pollution on the skin in respect of premature skin aging, skin inflammation, age spots and hyperpigmentation, extreme skin sensitivity and dryness.  We need to look beyond sunlight in the future. The risk of […]

What is a skin facial essence and why you need one?

What is a facial essence? Essence originates from Asia. They contribute to overall skin health and can dramatically improve your skin texture, hydration and general skin appearance. What are they not? They are not toners or serums. What exactly do they do? Introducing an essence into your daily skincare regimen you will prepare the skin […]

Skin Care Tips For A Balanced Face

Skin Care Tips For A Balanced Face Every woman knows that our skin behaves differently in each season and it is dictated by our hormones. Sometimes it feels dry and cold, sometimes hot and oily and sometimes dull and spotty. You need to know your skin and change your skincare routine accordingly. Here are some […]


For those that do not know Zaga is a founder of FOM London – an award-winning anti-pollution skincare brand created in UK. She started FOM London in an attempt to regain her own skin health. Zaga’s spent over 10 years working in environmental risk management and she saw and learnt a great deal about harmful […]