We are creators of the first anti pollution natural technology in one innovative AntioXSilk complex that acts as a barrier and therefore fully protect your skin against indoor and outdoor pollution. This complex was in the making for a decade but sadly there was not enough science there to support, until now.

Why Silk in the anti pollution complex?

Silk has been treasured for its luxury and beauty for over 5000 years. Scientists have now discovered that its liquid extract increases the collagen production in the skin. As the signature ingredient in our skincare ranges, Silk is a superior protein made up of more than twenty types of amino acid with an extraordinary ability to absorb moisture into the skin, allowing supercharged botanical antioxidants and adaptogenes in our formulations to absorb UV rays and support the normal synthesis process in the skin that promotes cell regeneration for improved elasticity and resilience.

Why Silk matters in our anti pollution complex?

Silk has a high biocompatibility with human skin. As such Silk forms a protective breathable film on the skin, which shields from environmental influences. Silk supports the interaction of antioxidants and adoptogenic botanical active ingredients by forming a performance complex which results in high efficacy of our skincare products. Our silk liquid works in fusion with your own collagen to boost its own production.

So What is AntioXSilk then?

Antioxsilk is one and only exlcusive and innovative anti pollution luxury skincare tecnology to protect your skin. We are the first in the world to create this anti pollution technology that blends best antioxidant and adaptogen botanicals in liquid Silk, to increase skin’s resistance to pollutatns and environmental factors and normalise its natural regenerating metabolism. The structural similarity between silk and our own human collagen means that silk actively interact with botanical antioxidants and adaptogens in our formulations that are vital for skin protection and repair with visible anti ageing results.

What AntioXSilk Offers to skin?

Refreshed, healthy looking, more hydrated, plumper, & brighter complexion that is more resillient to anti pollution and environmental stressors

Below charts are results of the studies conducted on Antioxidant Hydra Plump and Firm Cream over period of 6 weeks in 2016.  Participants were all female aged 35-59.

Why Antioxidants Matter?

Your skin is your first defense against all the toxins, pollution that you are exposed to every day.

When free radicals break down the collagen in your skin, you get wrinkles and loss of elasticity. When they damage your melanocytes, you get age spots. These free radicals damage your skin cells. All of the aging process is due to the DNA and that includes all manifestation of skin aging such as wrinkle formation, sagging of the skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dryness etc.  Antioxidants are there to protect and repair our skin from free radicals. New researches show that antioxidants in skincare help reduce the sign of aging

Why Adaptogens Matter?

Adaptogen is a unique category of herbs that facilitate our body’s adaptation to stress thus restoring homeostasis (balance). The adaptogens help adjust the body’s response to various stresses on the cellular level. They are employed in our skincare formulations to help to strengthen and normalise essential collagens in the skin. As a result skin thickness, elasticity and firmness is increased. The adaptogen approach means that we have employed adaptogenic botanicals to act as adaptogen on the skin in order to fight oxidative stresses and keep the skin in homeostasis (balance).