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It’s all about fighting pollution


About FOM London fighting pollution



It is about health for you and me and the planet. It is all about us using the skincare products that do not harm the skin and planet.

As we use natural ingredients that we grow here on the planet, we are responsible to look after it so it gives us healthy life in return. 

We use 100% recycle glass packaging and reusable bottles. We then package our products in fully recyclable boxes.

Our Story

FOM (Freshness of the Morning) London sets an anti –  pollution standard in the world of modern, plant based, natural and organic skincare.  My passion for nature, plants and flowers from a very young age and the natural power to heal mind and body plays an integral part in my formulations. Through scientific advancement, I have formulated completely natural and organic anti pollution skincare and lifestyle products that are good for our skin and the environment. 

Using my 15 + years of expertise in environmental risk assessments and practices along with Dr Konnie Colovic’s  (who happens to be my sister) medical expertise I develop products using innovative formulas but 5000 years old ingredients to assist in improving skin health by increasing skin’s resistance to skin damaging effects of air pollution.

Zaga Colovic



Completely natural ANTIOXSILKtm is a silk amino acid rich liquid in antioxidant – adaptogenic base developed and created in the UK. The smart blend of supercharged ingredients works to form a breathable second skin and dramatically improve the skin’s resilience to damages caused by the harmful effects of pollution. This unique and revolutionary anti pollution facial technology has a high biocompatibility with human skin. 

The Innovation

We don’t just make natural skincare. 

We are fully committed to a sustainable, clean and green, pollution free lifestyle with a focus on natural health and wellbeing. 

When Zaga discovered the unprecedented anti aging and skin protecting benefits of silk amino acids coupled with the power of antioxidants and adaptogens of plant origin FOM London ANTIOXSILK tm technology was build upon.

Silk is a superior protein made up of more than 20 types of amino acids with an extraordinary ability to absorb moisture into the skin allowing supercharged antioxidants and adaptogens to help prevent pollutants coming into skin pores causing lack of hydration, inflammation and skin dullness.


Made in England

All our products are proudly made in UK. We also use some of the UK grown ingredients in our formulations.



We are proud to say that we are against animal testing and our products are never tested on animals.



We do not pollute with plastic. We look after both your skin health and the planet health. We only use 100% recyclable glass.