FOM London founder - Zaga


For me it’s all about the healthy skin

Hello there. It is lovely to see you here. I am Zaga, founder and formulator of FOM London Anti Pollution Skincare.

I love challenges of creating and delivering the best skincare products that are revolutionary, innovative and good for your skin.

What inspired me to create my own skincare line?

I wanted to create a facial skincare product that would address skin ageing caused by the harmful effects of pollution albeit provide a solution to my personal skin health issues. A couple of years prior I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. In addition to fatigue, weight gain and anxiety,  I was dealing with a dry, dull and puffy skin. My skin not only looked unhealthy but I also looked older than my real age which affected my confidence so badly. Months following a medical treatment most of my symptoms eventually started to improve. However, I still had issues with my skin. Mainstream skincare products I was using at a time were not doing much to address my skin health underlying issues. Furthermore, my illness caused me to think more carefully of what I was applying to my skin and all the potential toxins I was exposing myself to on a daily basis that potentially interfered with my endocrine system. This challenging experience gave me a wonderful opportunity to get into an extensive research and deep understanding and to evolve my knowledge in skin health.

What was my founding mission?

I hold Masters Degree in Environmental Risk Management. Having spent over 15 years working in the environmental risk for a well known London City Firm I saw and learnt a great deal about the harmful effects of pollution and environmental stressors on your skin, health and general well being.  I started FOM London in an attempt to regain my skin health whilst feeling safe about caring for my skin and learning how skin works. I learnt how harmful effects of pollution damage skin by accelarting natural ageing process. Sadly there was no scientific evidence to support my claim until a few years ago.

I love silk, a luxury and the most expensive fiber and I was amazed to learn its bio compatibility with human skin and its ability to form a protective barrier on top of the skin.  This was my aha moment.  I created ANTIOXSILK tm, an anti pollution skincare technology that utilises silk as a main ingredient.

I invested myself emotionally and professionally thinking of every single ingredient that goes into the bottle and its purpose to deliver results. In creating FOM London skincare I also wanted to combine elements of sensuality and harmony of Orient’s 5000 old traditions with quality modern British craftsmanship to bring the best innovative healthy anti-pollution facial skincare products to you.

What does my award winning ANTIOXSILKtm skincare offer?

Our all natural anti pollution ANTIOXSILKtm collection works to form a breathable second skin and help improve the skin’s resilience to damages caused by the harmful effects of pollution.  I am proud to say that FOM London is the world first skincare brand to offer complete anti-pollution facial skincare range of products that are not entitled “anti pollution” for marketing purposes but they are designed and formulated to offer skin protection against air pollution.

I really believe that you enjoy using my skincare as much as I did creating it and now using it. It was an incredible journey for me and a gigantic task to create and design FOM London.

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