FOM London founder - Zaga


be who you are. be confident you. be extraordinary

I am skin passionate and health conscious. For me it’s all about rediscovering my true self beauty

I am Zaga Colovic, founder and formulator of FOM London Anti Pollution Skincare. I hope you will find a skincare product to assist you with your skin concerns here on this website. I truly believe I will inspire you to take a proper care after your skin and help you understand how pollution can damage your skin and what can be done to prevent that.

I created FOM London (Freshness of the Morning) to help my own skin. I set up myself for a big challenge to  create and deliver the skincare product that did not exist in the market place – an anti pollution skincare product.

My inspiration for the innovation

I wanted to create a skincare product that would help protect my skin from pollution albeit provide a solution to my personal skin health issues caused by autoimmune disease (when body attacks and damages its own tissue).

When  I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease  I was forced to take a hard look into the life I created for myself. In doing so I learnt that many toxic and harmful ingredients were present in my everyday care products. Toxic ingredients in my personal care products coupled with pollutants results in a recipe for skin damages and concerns.  Furthermore, my illness caused me to think more carefully of what I was applying to my skin and all the potential toxins I was exposing myself to on a daily basis that potentially interfered with my endocrine system. This challenging experience gave me a wonderful opportunity to get into the extensive, 5 year long research and gain deep understanding and evolve my knowledge in skin health and create what was the first FOM London Skincare product – one that delivers protection against pollution damaging effects and provides skin hydration with brightening results.

I thank the Universe for this and my mother for teaching me to take care of myself and take no for an answer.

My academic background played a role in the creation

I hold Masters Degree in Environmental Risk Management. Having spent over 15 years working in the environmental risks working for a London City Firm I saw and learnt a great deal about the harmful effects of pollution and environmental stressors on your skin, health and general well being.  Although I started FOM London in an attempt to regain my skin health I want to raise an awareness of the harmful effects of pollution and its negative impacts all of which I learnt through my job, tons of research and scientifically validated papers. At that time anti pollution skincare was relatively a new concept and I had to work very hard to create FOM London Skincare.

I am on the mission to empower you to rediscover your true self beauty and regain naturally healthy skin that means confidence.

I really believe that you will enjoy using my skincare and if I can help in any way please do feel free to contact me.